Anonymous: You're like the Delphine specialist as well as the Evelyne expert

Oh my god seriously? Maaannnn you’re fueling my narcissism

Anonymous: are spanish gurls hawt?

sighs bc just girls in general man ya dig

Anonymous: I have a very twisted Cophine AU shall me make it

Twisted Cophine is what I breathe for, so yes

Can we just take a moment to appreciate I typed out that entire reply on a six year old blackberry

ficlet: You Bring Vibrancy To A Colourless Universe

Cophine AU in which people’s hair colour changes in accordance with their emotions
Word Count: 2,510

It was curious, with so much on show one would think the ever present bright spectrum of emotions would stimulate more interaction. In truth most people pretended that their thoughts weren’t crowned with the exact reflection of what lay beneath the more external elements of their being. Walking down the street was.. an experience. A prismatic fulmination of feeling. Yet it wasn’t treated as such. It was as if all had mutually agreed to behave as if the physical manifestation of moods was simply sun rays fracturing through an inexistent stained-glass window that resided high up in the ether. The mindset was so widespread that most forgot it only took one thought to send diplomatically blonde or brunette locks spiralling into a deep crimson or cyan, and vice versa.

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Anonymous: what do you think about delphine and leekie? i really need to hear someones opinion on that. like do you think the whole thing was consensual? did she even have a choice? what do you think was their whole 'relationship' about? everybody seems to forget about them (and trust me i would LOVE to do that too) but i just wanna hear an expert on this whole thing

Honestly I’ve thought about this a lot and at first I was like ew no gross so wrong Delphine how could you this can’t possibly be your choice. But after giving it more time I think about it in a very different way. Admittedly some of my opinions may be a little biased by my own headcanons and sheer need for angst but hey you wanted to know so:

Was it consensual? Yes. What I take from those scenes was that she wasn’t just willing to go along with it, I think in a way she did (at the very least at first) enjoy the attention for want of a better word. It might seem a little crazy to us but she agrees that “his mind is sexy” and it can’t be denied that however creepy he can seem, he can equally be very charismatic. Maybe not in the debonair sense, but during his lecture he is funny and engaging and his take on neolution offers an incredibly liberating or as he says “self-directing” take on life. We’ve all had schoolgirl crushes, and I think this is along the lines of what Delphine feels. Whether she (or he) ever meant it to be taken that far I don’t know, but once you start down one path it’s so easy to go further than you ever intended. (This is taken from the perspective of what Évelyne said about how she thought Delphine got involved with DYAD in the AskOB interview - Leekie seducing and enticing her to become a part of a project that appealed to how ambitious and driven she is)

Did she have a choice? Short answer yes, but I am sure DYAD has something(s) on Delphine that mean she can’t just walk away. In my opinion this was pretty much confirmed by Cosima finding “enough dirt on you to destroy your entire career” and Delphine being sent away to Frankfurt. Plus I think even without Cosima I don’t think she’s the type to just walk away from something like that even if she could, she would feel obligated both contractually and morally to carry on. I also believe she isn’t completely indispensable to them, be that because of her capabilities or her and Cosima’s relationship, hence why they send her away and don’t simply dismiss or dispose of her - but I still think they are or have the ability to blackmail her. (This could just be to appease my angst whore but DYADs fondness of contracts and confidentiality agreements and the threat they could impose on Cosima should Delphine not comply all play a part in it too)

I think that was pretty much what their ‘relationship’ comprised of, but delving into headcanon territory: I think Delphine was someone who would have always struggled to be appreciated and taken seriously for her intellect possibly because of how she looks and partly just because I have immersed myself in angsty headcanons of her always being alone to some degree. I think like any of the relationships on the show it’s never just ‘that simple’ and always much more complex and convoluted than that. I’m still living for the day Cosima finds out so I can revel in the sheer angst of it. (Just to sink/drown completely into angsty headcanons so feel free to disregard all of this: I like to think that her relationship with Leekie made her feel appreciated for more than just her body/looks whether she believed this or lied to herself possibly without realising who knows, but being with Cosima made her realise that she was being used in every sense by DYAD, whilst it was her choice to an extent, I think she was manipulated into thinking and feeling that way - and we all know autonomy is a huge issue. Then when her relationship with Cosima is forcibly severed by Rachel, the whole “you used me line” is all the more tragic because the first thing that was real to her, the first thing that was raw emotion through all the lies and all the bullshit was bent and twisted to exactly what DYAD/Rachel needed from her.)

So this is probably gonna be my last post before I disappear for a week idrk but imma miss you all so much cloneclub you’re rad af x.

Anonymous: Au: Cosima has the stomach flu and Fluffy Dolphine bae is taking care of her geek monkey and making hon hon soup?

"Delphhhiiinnee" the whine comes again, as if it hasn’t been wailing out at regular intervals like her own personal siren for the past half an hour; the same half an hour that she’s spent hunched over a saucepan and attempted, between overly voiced complaints, to prevent from boiling over.

"Chérie you are insatiable" it’s only half grumbled, annoyance feigned, her loved one is sick after all and the flu is never pleasant for any party involved.

"Hungry is right" she trails off as Delphine glides over, cradling a scalding bowl of soup and setting it down on the bedside table; no sooner are her hands free than Cosima’s lips are crushed against her own, starving kisses feasting on welcoming flesh, and Delphine wonders what it was she was hungry for.

Basically this ficlet has got really really vague and abstract and is terrible to read and I apologise for butchering such a potentially great premise to quite this extent