Anonymous: just agree to move to London next to campus and we're 100% in

Sounds like a plan

Why did Cosima have to get sick I hate life


Cosima is so hot I’m going to kill a man

Anonymous: i'm not even kidding. Half rent & half wine and we're in

Literally let’s do it

Reblog if you have ever


  • - made your self throw up
  • - starved
  • - took a razor to your skin
  • - felt like your not good enough
  • - thought about suicide
  • - attempted suicide
  • - burnt your self
  • - got bullied
  • - been called ugly/fat etc..
  • - or harmed your self in any way
  • - cried your self to sleep
  • - been abused

I will message every fucking single one of you.

Anonymous: i think you would be the best buddy in the world, i'm looking for a college flatmate come live with me

This is honestly so appealing do you even know

la-petite-cormier replied to your post “Shall we play let’s see how fast Lia can drink this bottle of wine”

What kind of wine you chugging there, killer?

Idk something white, I feel like I need another bottle

Anonymous: how do you even take a bottle of wine without your parents noticing? mine would know right away

My parents don’t notice me

Anonymous: Ah then I shall sit and drink and smoke with you [takes a long drag and holds it in before releasing]

You’re considerably more dignified than me, I just spilt wine down my top